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Rowan – Sweden

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Rowan Sharkey



Hometown: Granville, Ohio
School: Granville High School
Sponsor Club: Granville, Ohio
Host District: 2390
Host Club: The Rotary Club of Helsingborg Råå-Ramlösa

My Bio

Hallå, Jag heter Rowan Sharkey. Hello! My name is Rowan Sharkey. I am 16 years old and I will be in Sweden for one year on exchange! I have already been here for one month and I have seen and learned so much which makes me very hopeful for what is to come in the future. I went to Granville High School in Ohio, where I liked to do many things. I played soccer and lacrosse while in school as well as participated in theater. I was in band, playing the flute, and I sang in choir. I really love music and art so I have joined a choir and orchestra here in Sweden! I participated in clubs such as youth in government, drama club, and the gender-sexuality alliance club. I have two sisters and one brother, all of whom are older than me. I also have two dogs (great danes!!!), two cats, and a few chickens. My entire family has been so supportive of my decision to go live abroad. I have wanted this opportunity since 7th grade when my sister lived abroad for a year and my family took care of a student from France! This program has effected my family for years. We love to host students and learn from their countries. Sweden was my number one choice out of over 20 countries. I wanted to come here for multiple reasons. For example, I find the education systems in Sweden very interesting, therefore I wanted to chance to experience them first hand. I am also very interested in environmental sciences and Sweden is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. My city where I am currently staying, Helsingborg, actually converts trash into fuel for their buses, trains, and boats. I also wanted to come to Sweden because it is extremely beautiful. I live right on the coast and I can see Denmark from my city. I am so excited to start my life here and become an active citizen in this amazing country. I eagerly await the experiences that are to come. I also want to thank Rotary and my district 6690 for giving me this life-changing opportunity and for giving me the chance to do something incredible.  r help and support! I can’t wait for my adventure to begin!