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Kaitlynn Johnson – Brazil

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Name: Kaitlynn Johnson

Host Country: Brazil

Host District: 4430

Host Club: Mogi das Cruzes-Oeste

Sponsor Club: Delaware

School: Hayes High School

Oi! Hello, my name is Kaitlynn Johnson. I am 16 years old and will be going on exchange to Brazil! I attend Delaware Hayes High School and will be on exchange my junior year of high school. At Hayes, I played the oboe in our symphonic band. I am also a cheerleader and cheered football season both freshman and sophomore year. Outside of school, I have been a competitive baton twirler for 14 years and have had 2 back to back national titles in 2013 and 2014. I love to participate in anything that requires rhythm. I have one younger sister who is interested in doing a short term exchange. I have 2 dogs 4 cats and a Guinea pig. I got interested in exchange in seventh grade when my middle school hosted Sakata Japan Exchange Students. In the summer of 2014, I got to go to Japan for 11 days and see the countryside as well as go into Tokyo and tour the city! Brazil was my third choice but I am thankful everyday for it. I will be living in a city similar to the size of New York City so I am very excited for the change! I cannot wait to live in this amazing country and learn all about there way of life. Brazil is a beautiful country with amazing food and many diverse cultures throughout the country. Thank you to the Delaware Rotary Club and district 6690 for making my dream come true. This is an incredible experience and I plan to live it to its fullest. I’ve caught the travel bug, and I’m ready to go on an adventure!


September 1


Hello from Mogi das Cruzes rotary club of Delaware Ohio. I arrived in Brazil on the sixteenth of August and have been having an amazing time. In Brazil, all of the food is very good! Something interesting that happened one of my first few days here, I asked for some apple juice. My host mother thought this was very strange as they don’t have apple juice, known in Brazil as suco de maca. They have all sorts of different juices, fruits and vegetables. One of my favorite th to eat while I am here is pao de queijo. Which is bread (pao) with cheese (queijo) baked and mixed into the batter. It tastes so good, they are addicting. Along with that, their super markets are different than the ones we have in the United States. They have all fresh products and different types of foods. I have eaten a lot of bread and rice with things in pasta sauce, but it is all very good so I cannot complain. Also I have made many friends while here in Brazil. Friends from school and also friends of my host siblings. I want to thank you for this amazing experience and hope that my exchange encourages other students to go on exchange too. Here are some pictures of my host family and I.


October 1

September sixteenth was my one month here in Brazil. It has been amazing here. In the past month, I have had multiple Rotary events. I had my inbound orientation where I got to meet all of the other exchange students from this district. It was so cool to meet everyone from all of the different countries, In my district, my host club has three exchange students. There is me, a girl from Belgium named Elke, and a boy from Mexico named Juan. The weekend after inbound orientation we went to expoflora Holambra. It was beautiful. All of us exchange students got to walk around all day and see the area, eat authentic food and take lots of pictures. After walking around all day we all put on our blazers and grabbed our flags and walked around the grounds cheering on our home country and singing songs that go along. At the end of the parade we stopped in a sea full of people and they made it rain flower petals. I had an amazing time. Last weekend, we had a nation’s fair. It was so much fun. Everyone cooked food from their countries and then we set up booths and all of the future exchange students come talk to us about our countries. My favorite part of the Nation’s Fair was that all of the countries performed in a talent show type thing. It was so much fun. I think that all of us exchange students ate more food than the future exchange students. This is the best experience of my life, and you all are to thank for that. Thank you so much.

   IMG_3846.JPG IMG_4092.JPGIMG_3864.JPGAlso, I have a blog on WordPress.com. The link to it is kjohnson5374.wordpress.com .









Nov 1kaitlynn-novpic1

This month has had lots of exciting events for me with lots of successes. In my home, I have really started to feel at home and feel like it is my house too. I do more with my family and more with my friends. I have gone to Rotex to events as well as the beach with my friends. I talked to a girl who is going to the United States of America next year from my district. She doesn’t know where she will be going yet but, maybkaitlynn-novpic2e she will be in our district. For Rotary, we are selling raffle tickets to collect money to buy christmas gifts for young children who may not get anything for christmas. This is a really good way to be of service to the community and give back. School is very different from school in the States. Did you know that everyone in Brazil write in cursive? Including the kids. My portuguese is getting better everyday and I hope by next month I can say that I understand just about everything. I am having a great time will talk to you soon!

December 1

  This month in Brazil has been a little harder than the others, because this month was Thanksgiving. Although that was tough, I had had a great time with my friends this month. I have started to make friends outside of school which is good which means I am doing more. My portuguese is getting better still, and I think that now I understand almost everything. I love how friendly everyone.Brazil is amazing. Thank you so much  for this opportunity. It is absolutely amazing.


February 1

  I feel like I haven’t written in so long, but I guess thats because I have been busy. I am enjoying Brazil so much, its amazing here. I am in love with Brazil, I feel like I never want to leave. Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be going with some of my friends to eat sushi after school! It is going to be so much fun!


March 1

Just another report from Brazil. My like here couldn’t be better at the moment. We are in the midst of carnival season and we have three days off of school this week. Last Thursday I was given the chance to attend a celebration of Rotary international in Brazil. February 23, is national day of Rotary International. I got to attend a publicly broadcasted speech given by my hosting club president and many others. It was truly amazing! I go to the beach almost every weekend and spend time after school with friends.

Kaitlynn-MarPic1 Kaitlynn-MarPic2Kaitlynn-MarPic3

















April 1 

I am so sorry that I don’t write to you more, but I seem to be very busy. My life in Brazil is absolutely amazing. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for this opportunity. I am in love with my life here. I have made life long friendships and plan on visiting Brazil in the future because my exchange has made such a large impact on my life! Right now, my rotary district is working on a project to present to all of our host parents to show them what exchange is all about. I am very excited to see what is to come


May 1


Brazil has been treating me well! I wanted to share with you that our district does a district conference at the end of exchange where we all give presentations to all of the Rotarians from our district! I am very excited for this and glad to be able to participate in this wonderful adventure. Also, my host family will be taking me to Rio de Janeiro next month! I am very grateful and can’t wait to go!  This month I unfortunately cannot send any pictures to you because my computer is broken and I won’t be able to fix it until I get back from my exchange. But hopefully next month I will be able to send you some photos! Thank you so much for this opportunity and I can’t wait to share more with you when I get back!