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Hi! My name is Galatea [hidden text] and I studied at [hidden text] School in  [hidden text], Ohio, after being born and raised in Japan, to an American mother and a Japanese father.  I speak Japanese, English and have been studying Spanish for three years.  After learning that I would be going to Brazil, I started studying Portuguese as well, which wasn’t easy in Barnesville!  Most of it has been on-line. There are many similarities (and also differences) with Spanish, so I’m not completely lost, and I’m really excited about going!  I also study music, and I hope to have the opportunity to learn a lot of new music while in Brazil. I love to read, sing, and travel. My mother has been very supportive of me in my quest to see new places and learn languages!  She has helped me visit Costa Rica three times where I was able to improve my Spanish.  While in Brazil, I also hope to participate in the Japanese abacus school in my host city. I’ve been communicating with all three of my host families, and I know that I have a really great year ahead of me!