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Cecilia Reinhardt – Hungary

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Szia! Hello. My name is Cecilia Reinhardt. I am 17 years old and will graduate this year from Granville High School. I love to experience new things and going on adventures to new places. Next school year I will be studying in Hungary and repeat my senior year abroad; I could not be more excited! I have met with a
language tutor who lived in Hungary for several years and she shared that there are wonderful bakeries on nearly every street – something I look forward to, in addition to meeting new people and new experiences. In the US, I am heavily involved in technical theatre and band. I have stage managed several shows during the last four years and hope to be able to participate in theatre abroad and make lifelong friends who share this passion. Before high school, I was also very involved with Irish Dance and will look for an opportunity to participate in dance classes while in Hungary. I also love being outdoors and enjoying nature. Hiking in different mountain ranges in Europe is something I cannot wait to experience. I look forward to having my own stories to share when I return and participate in the rebound weekend. I have always had a desire to travel and am very thankful to my family, Granville Rotary Club, and District 6690 for providing me with this amazing opportunity.

October 1, 2017

My first 30 days were amazing. I had an amazing time and I have not been homesick. I am bonding with my host family very well and have truly enjoyed every moment here.

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