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To go abroad in 2018-2019, please fill out this form now to add you as a prospective applicant.

The formal application process starts August, 2017


Application Process (please note that there are two programs)

The Youth Exchange Scholarship (Long-Term)  Program : APPLICATION CLOSED. OPENS AGAIN IN JULY, 2018

  • Complete application includes the online application, the Host Family Commitment forms AND the $950 program fee.
    1. Youth Exchange Scholarship/Long-Term Application (must be filled out online. No paper applications accepted). Please note that the 10 page application is only the start. After completing that part and submitting, you’ll be send all the the addional required forms (doctor, dentist, school, etc., etc.) –
    2. Youth Exchange  Scholarship Host Family Form (3 families required or one family hosting 3 times, etc.) – Yes we would like to host a Rotary exchange student
    3. **Youth Exchange Scholarship Country Information & Estimated Expenses – (the info will be available end of September)
  • Deadline for application submission is November 15, 2017.  Late submissions cannot be accepted.
  • All signatures (by student, parents, Rotarians, doctors, etc.) must be in blue ink. 

Application format is CRITICAL as they will be part of your visa applications to foreign governments and Rotary Districts around the world.  **Please read ALL instructions on the forms before you start entering information!**
Application “Must Haves”:

    • ALL information on all the forms must be typed except for signatures and signature dates.
    • Accuracy matters – incomplete and incorrect forms will be returned.
    • ‘Family Name’ (surname only) must be in ALL CAPS; only capitalize first letter of first and middle name.  (e.g.:  John David SMITH)
    • Date format must be DD/Mmm/YYYY  (e.g.:  25/Jan/1999).  All entered dates and signature dates must follow this format.  It helps to remind people of that as they are signing.
    • Use BLUE ink for all signatures.  It’s helpful to include a blue pen with documents and mark each section with a sticky note that requires a signature.
    • Medical form, Question 5:  Infectious Diseases – if you’ve had any of these disease(s) then write the year(s) that you had it/them.  For any disease that you haven’t had, write “NO” in the box.
    • Medical form, Question 6:  Immunizations – these boxes are very small to type in all of the dates required for multi-dose vaccines.  You are welcome to add a separate, typed sheet listing all vaccinations and dates received.  Please note that all dates must be formatted DD/Mmm/YYYY (e.g.:  25/Jan/1999).
    • Club and District Endorsements – Students need to contact your sponsor club contact person and gather all of the required information and type it into your application BEFORE asking for club signatures.  It’s best to email your club contact for this information and please be aware that it might take several days for Rotarians to respond.
    • Host Club/District & School Endorsements – This form must be included in your applications, but you don’t need to fill it out.  This form is for the host clubs, districts and host schools to fill out and sign once you are accepted by them.
    • Please contact the RYE Scholarship Outbound Chair(s) or District Chair with any additional questions.

Family-to-Family (Summer/Short-Term) Exchange Program

  • Deadline for application submission is 11/15/2017.  Late submissions cannot be accepted.
  • Your application must include all three forms included in link below plus the $625 program fee plus RYE insurance.

Short-Term / Summer Exchange Instructions,  Student Application, Host Family Application & Student Country Preference

  • Application should be submitted to:

Gail Himmelstein

Chair, RYE6690 Family-to-Family Summer Exchange Student Program Chair

10576 Churchill Dr

Powell, OH 43065

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