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Oi! My name is Anna Baltisberger, and I have the honor of living and studying in Brazil through Rotary Youth Exchange in this upcoming year! I am currently 17 years old, and will be a graduate of Granville High School in May. I am very excited to spend a year in Pirituba, Brazil before attending college in fall 2018! In high school, I have been involved in the marching band, theater program, and many different clubs. I have always loved trying new things and pushing my limits, as I will continue to do while in Brazil. I am also beyond excited to have the opportunity to live in Brazil as I am planning on majoring in environmental studies, and I believe this is a great country to learn about issues and solutions up close. I am thankful to my parents and siblings for being supportive of me as I embark on this great adventure. I hope to soak up the culture from the people around me while I am there, and maybe even bring some sun back to Ohio. Even as this exchange will be challenging, I cannot wait for all the new experiences that will come of it! Thank you to the Granville Rotary Club and district 6690 for sponsoring and supporting me, I am extremely grateful for this unique opportunity!

September 1, 2017

Oi! Currently writing from my host family’s apartment in Pirituba, São Paulo where I have been living for a little over a month now! It was wild to arrive to a huge group of people at the airport all waiting just for me, it immediately showed me the loving nature of Brazilians that I see everyday. I have had a lot of great opportunities since I have gotten here. I got to go to the top of an inactive volcano in my town and drink fresh coconut juice while there, it was truly an amazing view and experience. I went downtown São Paulo with some friends and my host sisters to Avenida Paulista to walk the famous street, and of course visit some shops. I hope to go back soon to visit the famous Museum of modern art (which luckily is free on tuesdays!) and visit some more famous spots. I am currently finishing my 4th week of school at Colégio São João Gualberto, it has been very interesting to study in a school where the students stay in the classrooms while the teachers switch between classes. I also have another Rotary exchange student from Taiwan named Ruby in my class with me so it has been nice to be able to hang out with her at the school! I also went to my orientation for exchange the past weekend, and it was amazing to be able to talk and interact with so many people from so many cultures and nationalities. Many of the students also live in the city of São Paulo like I do, and we hopefully will get to meet up often. Thanks so much for this opportunity, I am loving Brazil!










































October 1, 2017

Oi, I have now been in Brazil for a little over two months! Other than going to school I have been kept very busy this past month. Portuguese is often a very hard language to understand, but I believe I am getting closer and closer to being fluent every day. I had the awesome opportunity to go to the beach over the independence day weekend with my host family at the beginning of this month. These were definitely the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, with mountains leading into the insanely blue water. I am so thankful that I was able to experience them! I went to the Brazil rotary conference, and had the opportunity to dance with a large group of exchange students in front of the President of Rotary International, very cool moment. A couple weeks ago I went with my district to the town of Holombra for a flower festival, the town was very different because it is designed to resemble Holland, and was great to experience with other exchange students. I’m loving learning about São Paulo city and discovering new places around, because it is a massive city. I’m excited for the many more adventures to come:)


November 1, 2017

October has always been my favorite month, so it has been really exciting to spend it in Brazil! This month I explored more of São Paulo when I had the time. I went to São Paulo’s muesum of modern art and was able to see art from artists such as Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh which was very surrel. I explored Liberdade, a Japanese neighborhood, and beco de batman, an alley that has been redone with beautiful murals. Also in February I will participate in carnaval in São Paulo, with the team Dragões Da Real, so I have begun going to samba school, which is basically just the practice sessions for the song we will be parading to. It is a really fun and animated group to be a part of, I just need to hurry up and memorize the lyrics to the song so I can focus on figuring out how to samba. I am truly thankful for my great host family for giving me this opportunity! I also went with my family to a U2 concert on my birthday, which was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are still many parts of São Paulo I need to explore, and I am excited for the months to come. Thanks for everything:)
































December 1, 2017

Oi! I have now been in Brazil for 4 months which really shows how fast time is going by! This month I had the amazing opportunity to take a class on solar energy from solar panels for free thanks to my host family, my host club, and the school of SENAI. The class was 6 days (24 hours in total) and taught the installation and how solar panels work, it was a great class to take with my interests in the environment and sustainability. I also gave a presentation to my host rotary club this month in portuguese about where I am from, my home rotary club, and a bit about my exchange so far. Thanksgiving was definitely a very different experience because Brazil does not celebrate it in any way (other than also having a black friday and cyber monday).  But, nonetheless, I had the opportunity to meet up with some exchange students in my home and cook a small thanksgiving meal with our own attempts at stuffing and apple crisp. It was very nice to get some of those familiar smells back. Definitely starting to miss Granville’s small town feel after so much time in São Paulo, but there really is an endless amount of places to explore and people to meet here. School is ending in a few days and I am very excited to see what summer in Brazil will be like! Definitely sending some love and sunshine back towards Ohio during your winter:)





























January 1, 2018
















































January 1, 2018
















































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